Essential Oil Diffusers

Ever walk into someone’s home and be hit by a smell before you notice anything else? Sometimes this can be a smell you like and you end up feeling jealous that your house doesn’t smell like this! Or often it can be a smell that instantly puts you off, making you feel uncomfortable from the start.

Smell is so important and we all want our homes and rooms to smell beautiful and homely. Using air freshener’s or man made odours can fix the problem short term but can be over powering and leave mists in the air that no one wants to breathe in. Even most diffusers use artificial fragrance that never really give you that constant burst of freshness you want.

The best thing for you & your home is a natural essential oil diffusers that are blended using only 100% pure oils. Cliffe House Organics have a range of 5 Rattan Reed Essential oil diffusers that have been created over a long time to find the perfect blends that compliment any room from living to bathroom. The essential oils are blended with a base oil called Augeo Oil that enhances fragrance, is non-toxic, has a low in carbon footprint and is low in odour making it the ideal base for our essential oils.

We have designed our diffusers to sit in any home and even have easy peel stickers if you prefer plain minimal natural design. Each diffuser comes with 8 rattan reeds that absorb the oils and let them evaporate into the room at the perfect rate or you can adjust how strong the smell is by turning the reeds allowing a fresh burst of fragrance when needed.

It is important to us that our packaging is as recyclable as possible, which is why we choose real wooden tops for our glass bottles along with all the outer packaging being eco friendly. The diffuser bottles themselves can be put in your regular glass recycling or even re used in your home. We source all our oils from ethical sustainable sources that never test on animals.  

Crafting and designing luxury products is what we love doing at Cliffe House Organics so take advantage of our obsession for quality natural products and have a look now at our collection to find the perfect diffuser for your home.