Our rattan reed diffusers gently scent your home by continuously releasing fragrance absorbed through the natural reeds. We use essential oils mixed to create scent layers that give each diffusers a unique and long lasting smell. All oils in our diffusers are natural and to match all our others products the glass and reeds are recyclable.

The diffusers fragrance can be as strong as you would like, this is done by how often you turn the reeds around in the diffuser. This is really down to personal preference with how much fragrance you would like in your room along with room size. We recommend for a standard sized room (living room) to turn your reeds at least once a week. 

The more you turn the reeds the more fragrance you will get from the oils in the diffuser but it will use the oils up quicker. Be careful when turning the reeds as oil can mark certain surfaces so its better to do this over some tissue and have the diffuser on a coaster or mat.

As with the candles it is important to keep the diffusers away from anything flameable and out of reach of children and pets.