Have sensitive skin?


Do you have sensitive skin? Our complete range of Cliffe House Organics handmade natural soaps are made from natural oils to benefit from being gentle to your skin. Our Back to Nature and Field and Flower are made with goat’s milk fresh from the farm and are amongst the gentlest soaps that we carry. All of our soaps include organic coconut oil and are free from chemicals like petroleum products (fragrances as example), Parabens and sodium laureth sulphate (also used as a garage floor cleaner!). Since our complete range of soaps is free from so many chemicals, they are perfect for sensitive skin.

We have many bars of soap to choose from. We carry bars of soap for all skin types together with exfoliating spa bars that have with oatmeal, poppy seeds, pumice, dried lavender flowers and even dandelion coffee! Herbs, flower petals, kelp, nettles and clays also add to the variety of natural botanical ingredients we use in Cliffe House soaps, handmade in Holmfirth, Yorkshire.

While all of our luxury soap bars can be used on the face, we do make soaps for specific household areas such as the kitchen. Our Cooks Kitchen hand soap is specifically made for eliminating strong smells from your hands after preparing ingredients such as garlic or fish. The lemon essential oil and exfoliating dandelion coffee combine to gently exfoliate and clear these smells from your hands. Our Secret Garden soap is made for using after busy day in the garden where you may have picked up minor cuts or scratches or a nettle sting or two! Soothing and healing essential oils such as eucalyptus and teatree combine to begin the healing and nettle powder and crushed marshmallow flowers begin the anti-inflammatory process.


If you need soap for sensitive skin, look no further! Try some of our luxury soaps today to add moisture back into your skin! Handmade in Holmfirth, Yorkshire.


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